Is it an online price inclusive?

Yes it is as, there are no extra charges on top of the quoted fare as long at the passenger arrives within the 60 mins waiting time.

The car park charge, meet and greet service and waiting time are all included with the quoted price. 

Prices are quoted for cash payments only; if you wish to pay by card, then there will be an extra flat fee of 5 on top of the cash price. 

Do you charge for extra booster seats?

No, we do not.

Where and how do i meet my driver?

The driver will meet you by the information desk in the airport. If you are unable to find him, please call us at: +44 2085547433.

When will I meet my driver?

Drivers go into the terminal building approximately 30 mins after scheduled arrival time and wait for you by the airport information desk holding a signboard with our company name. 

Do you accept card payments online?

Yes we do.

How do I pay by cash?

We collect the cash at the end of the journey.

Do you have to book in advance?

Yes, at least 24 hours in advance so we can arrange a driver for you in time. 

Are there charges for flight delays?

No, we advice driver to check the arrival times before departing but if there is a sudden delay and we are not informed, then the driver will only wait 30 mins extra.

What are the costs for extra waiting charge?

After the first free 60 mins from the time of landing, the cost will be 80p per minute thereafter. There is no VAT on this type of transfer.